British Shorthair Toronto Delivery

Local Delivery by car/Meet in Area:
GTA, Nothern Golden Horseshoe - FREE
Bancroft, ON(meet with Ottawa residents) - FREE
Hamilton, North Bay - $50 CAD
Niagara, Kitchen/Waterloo, Guelph, Owen Sound, Sudbury - $100 CAD
Elliot Lake, Espanola, Sudbury, Cochran, Timmins, North Bay - FREE Special delivery*
London, Kingston - $200 CAD
Sarnia, Chatham, Renfrew - $300 CAD
Ottawa, Windsor - $400 CAD
Montreal - $550 CAD
Ship by air to major canadians airport - $550 CAD
We accept interact e-transfers for deposit, or prepaid freight
Interact debit cards or cash by delivery

Delivery to the USA by car within 600 miles
Buffalo NY, Rochester NY - $150USD
Erie PA, Syracuse NY, Corning NY, Erie PA - $250USD
Detroit - $350USD
Michigan, PA, Upper NYS - $400-700 USD
New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnatti, Washington, Indianapolice, Chicago - $1000USD
We accept wire transfers for deposits, or prepaid freight
Cash only at delivery.

We offer worldwide in-person delivery services, personally conducted by our team, $1000USD and over, depends from tickets price, car rent, hotels if needed, veterinary fees and other costs
For example, delivery to NYC $1000USD, but we can meet in Binghampton, NY. Delivery fee $450USD

*FREE Special delivery to Nothern Ontario - not addressed delivery, shipped with truck driver, customer must meet with driver along highway where and when driver ask

Following countries required quarantine:
Australia (buyer must apply for import permit and reserve 30 days quarantine)
Hawaii (We ship thought Direct Airport Release)
Hong Kong
Iceland (buyer must apply for import permit and reserve 14 days quarantine)
Japan (buyer need to contact Animal Quarantine Service prior purchase, up to 180 days quarantine)
Malaysia (buyer must apply Import License issued by the Director General of Veterinary Services)
New Caledonia (buyer must apply for import permit and reserve 10 days quarantine)
New Zealand (buyer must apply for import permit and reserve 10 days quarantine)
Singapore (buyer must apply for import permit and reserve 30 days quarantine(s$926.50))
Taiwan (buyer must apply for import permit with APHIA and reserve 30 days quarantine)

British Shorthair
Scottish Fold
British Shorthair Toronto
Scottish Fold Toronto
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